Women’s History Month: Oveta Culp Hobby

In honor of women’s history month, I wanted to highlight some women who are often overlooked in our history books and common knowledge. These women serve as my role models and have helped to pave a path for generations to come. Today we introduce Oveta Culp Hobby: Media Mogul, Courageous Colonel, and Groundbreaking Cabinet Secretary.Continue reading “Women’s History Month: Oveta Culp Hobby”

Middle School Nationalism

My district has some really complicated zoning. My middle school was split up into three high schools, and, as a result, majority of my friends were separated to different schools after we graduated from middle school. In fact, middle school graduation was a very emotional ordeal realizing that we would have to experience high schoolContinue reading “Middle School Nationalism”

In the Age of Lockdowns

Today there was a shooting at a school a few miles away from mine. One student died. One parent said: the shooting illustrates the reality that students have to face in an era where school shootings dominate national headlines several times a year. One of my close childhood friends (with whom I share my name)Continue reading “In the Age of Lockdowns”

Welcome Home

The Reobservance of Growing Up is a blog about everything we know from our childhood, our teenage years, and our young adulthood observed from an outside eyes.
We’ll try to trace our social and political views. We’ll see how the life within our school hallways is the perfect place for researching social stratification. We’ll understand how our childhood influences who we become.