Welcome Home

The Reobservance of Growing Up is a blog about everything we know from our childhood, our teenage years, and our young adulthood observed from an outside eyes.

We’ll try to trace our social and political views. We’ll see how the life within our school hallways is the perfect place for researching social stratification. We’ll understand how our childhood influences who we become.

This is a place for:

  • The Observant Student: who wants to see their environment around them a different lens
  • The Wannabe Anthropologist: who wants to learn about the why?
  • The Curious: who wants to understand how the world around them works
  • People who Binge NPR’s Hidden Brain
  • The Future Psychologist: who’s secretly trying to diagnose all her friends
  • People have been kicked out of Family Movie Night for over analyzing everything
  • The Secret Sociologist
  • And anyone who wants to Reobserve their Childhood!!!

Heads up, I’m all of the above.

So cheers to the adventures that follow and the stories we have to tell!

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